M #3: Mohamed ElShorbagy

PLAYER Mohamed ElShorbagy               Nickname: The Beast
AGE 26
HEIGHT 6′ 1″
PLAYS Right-Handed, Tecnifibre
RANKING #2 (will go to #1 if he finishes higher than Gaultier).
Been in top 10 since Sep 2010, was #1 from Nov ’14 to Mar ’17 (#2 for one month).
PSA TITLES  44 Finals, 29 Titles.
WORLDS HISTORY 10th Worlds in a row. Runner-up 2012 and 2014.
RECENT FORM After a poor (by his standards) 2016/17 season has been on fire since winning the World Series finals in June. Won San Francisco, r-up in US Open, won Channel VAS, Qatar, Hong Kong. Missed World Teams.