M #5 : Nick Matthew

PLAYER Nick Matthew          nickname: The Wolf
AGE 37
HEIGHT  6′ 0″
PLAYS Right-handed, Dunlop
Broke into top 10 in Mar ’04 and been there (apart from 1 month) ever since.
#1 from Jun ’10 to Dec ’11, two short spells since then. In top 5 from Jun ’09 until this month.
PSA TITLES  75 Finals, 35 Titles.  3x British Open and 9 British Nationals, plus Commonwealth and World Games Golds.
WORLDS HISTORY  17th Worlds in a row (first in ’99).
Champion in 2010, 2011, 2013. Made Quarters or better in last 11.
RECENT FORM In his last season, hasn’t won since February’s Nationals and Canary Wharf. Reached Semis in US Open and Quarters in Qatar.