Final, Fram Reports : 4th Time Lucky for Nouran!

[3] Nouran Gohar (Egy)  3-1 [1] Nour El Sherbini (Egy)   11-8, 9-11, 11-7, 11-5 (81m)

Playing in their fourth consecutive World Champs Final, Nour El Sherbini and Nouran Gohar kicked off finals night with a thrilling women’s final which saw Gohar claim her first world title, denying Sherbini a record-equalling eighth.

Pink is definitely Nouran’s colour. That outfit she wore again tonight could become her lucky charm.

Was it an easy victory, no. But did Nouran fight tooth and nail, saving whatever Nour was throwing at her, and findind some superb winners of her own.

The Terminator set the scene from the word go, 6/1 in the opener. But she appeared at that point a bit flat I thought. She was not moving that well, and actually got penalised with 3 strokes in 4 points in the middle of the game.

6/6, 7/7, 8/8. By the time we arrived at that point, Nouran had two blood injuries, one on the right knee and a few rallies later, on the right hand. And no more reviews. Like the day before against Hania, where she used her two reviews in the opener, again today, she was out of reviews at 9/8…

It didn’t prevent her from taking that game though, 11/8, 28m game, minus 8 for stoppage. A poor game winners wise, 4 for Nour, 5 Nouran.

After that loss, Atef, Nour’s dad, moved from the back VIP row – where I was – to get one row closer, next to his son, Omar, and also to Greg Gaultier, coaching to Nour, and also Ahmed Shohayeb, who’s been coaching Nour in Alexandria for years.

A very good start in the second for the Princess, 3/0, but Nouran is on fire, and strings 5 points. 5/3. The Terminator gets warned for delaying play. She will actually at the start of the third, being penalised with conduct stroke for the same motive, starting the game 1/0 down.

5/5. 7/7. 8/8. Nour levels to one game all 11/9 on her second attempt.

19m game, much better winner wise, Nour 10 winners, Nouran 6.

The third game is where the match was won or lost, depending who you are supporting. Nour kept refusing to play the ball, asking for lets. A bit like Hania the day before, not getting much luck with the refs. Nour will be penalised with 4 no lets. It reminded me a match against Malaysia years ago in Canada, world teams, where Nour just couldn’t get a let. Egypt lost in the semis…

And strangely enough, not only Nour got 4 no lets but she also was penalised with 3 strokes!!! That is 7 points on decisions. And despite Nouran making a few errors on game balls – 10/4, The Terminator clinches the game on her 4th game ball, 11/7.

16m game, 6 winners for Nouran, only 3 for Nour.

In the fourth, the girls were neck and neck up to 4/4, but uncharacteristic errors allowed Nouran to score 4 points in a row, 8/4, quickly going to match ball – another no-let against Nour – and it’s 11/5, only one match ball to seal her victory.

And the rest, as they say, is History. It took four attempts, but she FINALLY MADE IT!



The pressure played its part today, it was on my mind. To be honest, it was a bit too much before this tournament. And everyone was talking about it, about records and this and that. At least, I did one of my best seasons, but after Chicago, I felt that the pressure was going a little bit down, but I felt it on this event.

As I told you in Gouna, I’m not comfortable playing in those hot and bouncy conditions; I have trouble controlling the rallies.

Nour was digging in deep in every rally, she on the contrary was feeling very comfortable, and I knew I was not playing very well, but I was still trying, I tried to go for my shots more, but I was making so many errors! And those errors were giving her a string of 3, 4 free points in a fraction of a second.

She was definitely playing very well, she was the better player today.

Haitham Effat – coach to Nouran

As we say, Elhamdoulilah, thank God. Nouran has been incredible, beating the Legend Nour El Sherbini. She is writing History, and it was hard as well because, up until now, Nouran didn’t seem to be able to make it work in the World final. It was so hard to get to that special moment. Thanks God.

A very special moment in my career & big milestone.Winning my first world champion at my home country in front of incredible crowd & amazing fans that have crazy passion for our sport.

I am proud and lucky sharing the history along with the champion under the Historical location at the National museum of Civilization.
The journey started one year ago, with dreaming and building for this great moment. We worked day by day on changing and elevating the game to offer more variety, create more technologies, and provide more entertainment. And I really enjoyed the way we made it.
Nouran is one of the greatest champions I worked with. Professionally, she always surprises me with her dedication, Hard-work, passion & her fighting spirit. She is an amazing student & always open to learning every day. On a personal level, she is a lovely girl, very respectful & a supportive person. In no time, she becomes a family member.
I am over the moon with our run during the tournament, the way we played facing the challenges & tough opponents.I also enjoyed our preparation for each match & our conversations between the games.
We will keep working hard for more achievements & to reach our full potential. Waiting for more🏆🥇

Nouran :
“I don’t think I’ve ever been emotional like this before. Usually I show very little emotion but this means so much. I kept on saying that I don’t want stop until I’m World Champion and I can’t really believe it.

“Nour reached the final 10 times and that’s an unbelievable achievement for her. Beating her in the final of the World Championships is an amazing thing. I’m so speechless right now. All respect to her but I can’t really believe it.

“People around me, I’ve given them a hard time because I always want everything to be perfect. Two people that I miss the most today are my husband and my mum, two important people besides my father, and it’s because of him I’m playing this game and thank you for everything!

“Speechless, over the moon and out of words right now.. Winning this title means much more than just winning a world championship and it only does justice to the people that were by my side during this last phase which was far from easy.

“Overcoming injury and doubting everything and questioning my ability to come back to the level of squash I want to produce was everything I had in my mind at the start of this season.. But I was truly blessed to have the right people in my corner.
I want to start with the most important people in my life and the ones that have seen my darkest side which is my family.

My mom, dad and brothers are the main reason for everything I am today and if it wasn’t because of them I would have never learnt what sacrifices and “never giving up” mean. I owe you everything 🙏🏻🫶🏻

My husband Ziad Elsissy – زياد السيسى who has been a source of inspiration and had helped me to push each other to become better human beings before becoming better athletes. You know how much you mean to me ❤️

Squash is an individual sport but I truly believe that without the biggest and best team you can never achieve what you are dreaming of 💪🏻

Firstly I need to mention Haitham Effat Ashoush I have always had huge respect for him and he is truly the best in the business. The smartest person tactically and the calmest demeanor I have seen, yet he knows when to fire me up 🔥 Thank you for believing in me during the toughest times and always giving me your 150% to see me succeed and achieve what I’m dreaming of. I’m truly grateful and thankful for everything you have done for me and I appreciate you as a human being before being my squash coach 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Dr. Mohamed Wafaay Makady I owe you a lot and it’s because of you that I was able to get back on my feet after the injury. You know it all and you are truly a second father to me 🫶🏻
Hossam Shaddad who has been by my side since I was 14 years old and knows exactly what I’m thinking.. Thank you Hos for everything
Fransisco, thank you for transforming me into a “real athlete” 😂 (you know what I mean).. Your help and friendship means a lot to me and I wouldn’t have been able to move on court and look different physically if it wasn’t with your help.
Mohamed El Gawarhy thank you for being a true friend before anything else and helping me out in squash.. I’m truly glad to have you in my team.
Haitham Gheita, adding you to my team and approaching you was one of the best decisions I have made. I am truly grateful to have you on my side. You completely changed my perspective in different ways💭
Craig, my nutritionist, having you in my team gives me such an edge and I can’t thank you enough for always being available. I can always count on you when I need you. You helped me big time 🙏🏻
My sponsors who without them none of my achievements would have been possible. Palm Hills Developments Palm Hills Sports Club CIB Egypt Red Bull Physiocure Cotidié
You are family to me 🫶🏻🫶🏻
And lastly, the amount of love and support that I have received and has been shown throughout last week is just overwhelming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
I can finally say it elhamdullilah