QF: Nour ElSherbini 3-0 Tinne Gilis

[1] Nour ElSherbini (EGY) 3-0 [7] Tinne Gilis (BEL) 11-2, 11-8, 11-5 (27m)

Next opponent: Olivia Weaver

Again, like in the previous match, it’s so great when I can chat with the non winner at the end of the match, as they make the report for me. As Tinne explained, Nour played soooo much better than she did in Gouna. Today, she was calm, composed, knew exactly what to do and did it to perfection. She didn’t open the court as much as she did the previous match. And that is the difference I feel.

The first game, Tinne didn’t touch ground to be honest. 11/2 in 6m.

In the second, Belgium played a better game, 5/2, 7/4 for Nour. Belgium gave it a big push, retrieving very well and moving smoothly. She clawed back to 8/8. But tactically, I thought there were a few bad choices at that point, an error, and two winners from the Princess, 11/8.

Both made three errors, and no strokes were awarded.

The third seems to be very onesided, 8/1, 9/3. Hat to Tinne to dig in and stay on court longer, keeping working hard and pushing Nour to make an error. 11/5 for Nour, 6m last game.

Tinne : Overall, it’s been a great tournament, I’m very happy to reach my first quarter final.

Compared to El Gouna, I felt that she was two steps further, she played much better, everything was tight, especially on that court, it’s so hard to get it off the wall.

I think she had a very good game plan, she was really reading me very well, it was so hard to get a point out of her. All respect goes to Nour tonight, she deserves to win, I hope she’ll win the tournament, I am routing for me from now on!

I tried to keep on fighting, I wanted to attack her but I made just too many errors.

She is definitely looking great and I wish her all the best.

Nour :  “I think the last time I felt good or sharp on court since the start of the tournament. We played in El Gouna and it was a tougher one. I think I started better as we’re going to play back-to-back tournaments and I’m really happy with the way I played today.

“Gregory Gaultier] is trying to make me move better on court and I’m definitely doing more movement stuff than squash. Both are important but it’s really nice to have him in Alexandria and my other coaches as well, having all of them in one place is amazing. I’m really grateful for all of them having my back and being in my corner and I’m hoping this week is going to be good for all of us.”