R2: Joel Makin 3-0 Curtis Malik

[10] Joel Makin (WAL) 3-0 Curtis Malik (ENG) : 13-11, 11-5, 11-7 (54m)

Next Opponent: Mostafa Asal or Nicolas Mueller

Joel : “It wasn’t bad, Curtis is on the way up and I like his ball striking. I like what he’s trying to do, he hits great lines and I knew it was going to be hard. I could tell he was trying to contain me with the pace he was playing at, which made it difficult for me.

“Once I settled into the first game I managed to hit my spots and extended him, dragged him out and exposed him. It was a high-quality match I thought.

“These venues are great, and they’re all different. We’ve had a good time here, the club has been nice and the court has been great. I can’t complain so far; it’s been a good couple of days.

“I’ve struggled a little bit for various reasons, but it feels like it’s coming together quite well. I’m happy with the way I was moving there, so I can’t complain really. I’ll go and see Derek [Ryan, PSA Physio], get some work done and I’m looking forward to another big performance.”