R2: Eain Yow Ng 3-0 Ryunosuke Tsukue

Eain Yow Ng (MAS) 3-0 Ryunosuke Tsukue (JPN)  11-1, 11-5, 11-9 (36m)

Next opponent: Paul Coll

Eain Yow : Just happy to go through, it’s my first time in the 3rd round…

People might say ‘oh, it’s a good second round’, but I know him he has beaten me in the juniors before, it doesn’t matter what the actual ranking is, he knows in his head he can beat me.

It’s quite difficult when someone comes in in the first game and you expect a big battle, and suddenly, it’s 9/0 out of nowhere. It was just such a straight forward two first games, I wanted to do the same thing, not to change anything, but at that point he had nothing to lose, and also he had got used to my game.
At the end, it got a bit edgy for me, I think that at the end, the experience helped me through it, at the end, I told myself, put more energy in, just make a final push, and that worked out.

I think I finally found my maturity. I now have mo

re experience, it’s just about being patient with me. I know, my team knows the level I can play at but it was about getting the consistency.

Before I was rushing it a bit, sometimes, not in terms of squash but in terms of wanting to rush the results. Thinking I need to do this, and achieve that. Now, it’s about going in and as the match goes on, knowing what I need to do because of that experience and maturity.

It’s not about thinking who I am playing, or what’s happening, rankings, all this stuff. It’s not relevant. What is relevant is how I approach the game, how I step on court, how I impose my game to other players.

I’m still working with Hadrian Stiff. I also do some training with Shaun Moxham. I’m finishing my Uni in Bristol, one more week to go and then I can focus on my squash fully, not that it has had an effect on my career. And also I’m working with John Walton who is working with Hadrian in Bristol since Hadrian has moved to the States, John is helping me with the day to day stuff. And of course, I can’t forget my team in Malaysia, Andrew Cross, who is still here, he has always been at my side, for my ups and my downs.

It was quite hectic at the start of the season with the Asian Games, I haven’t been very happy with my consistency especially in Gouna, where I played well two games and then physically, I had a big drop off, so I am now trying to figure out how to improve that. But coming into this week I have no pressure, I know the standard I can play I just want to go on there and enjoy it and show what I can do.