R2: Simply Mohamed…

[3] Mohamed ElShorbagy (EGY) 3-0 Juan Camilo Vargas (COL)  11-6, 11-4, 11-5 (27m)


“I’ve known him for a very long time, he and his group from Trinity College, that generation, I used to stay with them up there and train with them between tournaments. They always welcomed me and were always nice to me and it’s nice to see him playing.

“I know it’s his first time on SQUASHTV and his first time on the big stage. It can take you by surprise and it takes experience to do that. To have someone after Miguel Rodriguez as well is very important for his country. I really hope he pushes through and keeps improving and moves to the next level.

“It’s very hard to change from the traditional court to glass, even after having a practice on the court this morning, the court conditions in the morning are different to the evening conditions, it’s like two completely different courts. I don’t even practice on the glass court in the morning because it’s pointless!

“He tried to fight, but the conditions sometimes are really hard when you come from these courts, especially when it’s your first time. I’m sure I’m going to see him again playing these big stages in the future.

“Honestly, I think in 10-20 years no-one is going to know that we switched from court to court. We’ll only know who won the tournament. So, I think for anyone to win this event, they can’t have excuses. Obviously, the top players to get to play on the Museum Court first is an advantage, but at the same time I had to go through that myself to go up the rankings.

“I didn’t give myself any excuses, my opponents used to have that head-start on me and I just had to get the job done and find a way to win, that’s the way I did it. So I don’t think you can have head-starts because I didn’t have a head-start in my career. That’s the way it goes in all sports.

“I’m really excited to go to the museum to be honest, it’s an amazing venue, very unique and I can’t wait to get back there tomorrow and see the venue and have a practice tomorrow.”