R2: Georgina Kennedy 3-0 Aira Azman

 [6] Georgina Kennedy (ENG) 3-0 Aira Azman (MAS) 11-6, 11-3, 11-6 (25m)

Next opponent: Rowan ElAraby

Gina : “This is the fourth time I’ve played Aira this season, so we’re very familiar with each other now.

“I’m familiar with her strengths, she’s an attacking player and so hungry, she has a really bright future ahead of her. I was looking forward to a big battle today and I knew I had to be on my toes and moving well. I’m happy with the way I played and I’m looking forward to round three.

“It’s going to be a completely different match against Rowan. At the moment we’re playing inside on the air conditioned court and then we’re moving to 9pm on the outdoor court here, so it’s going to be about who is able to adapt quicker. You can’t control the conditions outside, so it’s going to be a bit harder to prepare for.

“Rowan and I have played a lot of times and it’s always been close, I think I won 13-11 in the fifth the last time we played. She’s going to be really up for it and so am I, it’s the World Championships, so I think it’s going to be a good battle.

“I’m really happy with how the 2024 part of the season has unfolded. Chicago was a bit of a flick of the switch tournament for me, things I had been working on had really started together and when that happens you grow in confidence. I feel in a good place mentally and my body has been good, which is the most important thing when it comes to squash.”